Nutrition and Dietetics

Bachelor specialization, full-time program, three years of study (6 semesters), 180 ECTS credit points. This specialization trains Bachelor graduates in a field in deficit, experts able to fit in successfully on the national and international labor markets. Those graduating as nutritionists will play an essential part, having the opportunity to work in various fields of activity: hospitals, medical centers, healthcare centers, sports clubs, public food services, food quality assurance etc. Upon graduation, the student has the required theoretical and practical knowledge for perform his/ her profession of Nutritionist and Dietician, respectively of Dietician.


The education plan has been approved by the Curricular Commission of the Faculty and by the VGWU Arad Senate. For the study program Nutrition and Dietetics, the total number of mandatory subjects comprised in the education plan is of 46 with 3 more mandatory subjects selected among the 8 optional ones.

The weight of the study subjects: basic mandatory 924 – 32.40%, specialization mandatory 1624 – 56.31%, supplementary mandatory – 296 – 10.26%. Of the total of 2884 hours, 42 are at optional subjects (1.46%), and the rest is for mandatory subjects. 80% of the verification forms are exams (44), and 20% are colloquies (11).



Professional skills:

  1. Thorough learning of the basic notions in the medical and physics-chemical fields
  2. Identifying and analysis of the nutritional aspects on age groups
  3. Recognition of the nutritional imbalances and properly establishing the diets of groups of diseases
  4. Definition of the principles of pharmacotherapy and of those specific for the food
  5. Nutrition counseling in various conditions
  6. Management of the information systems based on nutritional indicators, properly implementing the healthcare legislation in the field

Transversal skills:

  • CT1 Identifying the objectives to achieve, the available resources, the terms for their completion, the working stages, the working times, the related deadlines for completion and the related risks
  • CT2 Identifying the roles and responsibilities in a multidisciplinary team and implementing techniques of relation and efficient labor and in relation with the patient
  • CT3 Efficient use of the information sources and of the communication resources and assisted professional training (Internet portals, software specialized applications, databases, online courses, etc.) both in Romanian and in an international language